11 Ways to Have the BEST Valentine’s Day with Your Pet

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. You may have already bought special gifts for your human sweetie — but what about your furry sweetie?

Raleigh Pawz knows how much you love your pet — and what’s more, how much they love you back. Why not include them in your festivities instead of having them go it alone? Unconditional love is something to celebrate!

Here are some items and activities we think you and your furry Valentine would enjoy, as well as some safety tips.

1. Serve your pet a delicious meal

We don’t mean out of a can. We’re talking a nice juicy steak or fresh salmon. End the meal with A special dessert like doggie ice cream or peanut butter cookies. We do offer a word of warning, however — your pet might expect this treatment every single night from then on.

2.  Treat your pup to a Starbucks Puppucino

 This is a secret menu item at this coffee chain, but any barista worth their salt will know how to make one. Watch your pup descend into whipped cream bliss as they go to town. Plenty of great video and photo ops here as well.

3.  If you are a musician, serenade your pet with calming music

Maybe the object of your affections didn’t appreciate the sappy song you played in the middle of the night by their window — but chances are, your pet will. Animals love relaxing music, especially played live. Watch your kitty blink with enraptured bliss as you croon a tune about unrequited love. Your pup will probably put their head in your lap.

4.  Spend a little time outside

What dog doesn’t enjoy going for a walk in the great outdoors? Cats also enjoy the sights and smells of nature. Unless they’re a fraidy-cat, and then it’s no fun for anyone. Go for a hike in the woods or go to a park for some fun time romping around.

5.  Give your pet a fancy new toy

Get a cute heart-shaped squeaker toy or catnip toy for your fluffy buddy. Extra points for a trip to the pet store and letting them pick a toy out themselves. For a cat, there’s nothing more appropriate for Valentine’s Day than the old standby — a bright red laser pointer.

6.  Take your pet on a very special car ride

Often, a car ride means a trip to the vet. But not today. Today, there will be many stops along the way. The bacon stop. The cookie stop. The ice cream stop. You get the idea. Basically, the goal of the trip is to make your little furball believe that dreams really do come true.

7.  Treat them to an extra long cuddle session or massage

Your pet will love all the attention. And who doesn’t enjoy a nice, relaxing massage? But be mindful of your cat’s “no zones” or the night could get bloody.

 8.  Get them a fancy new bed

The fancier and squishier the better. Think plush, luxurious fabric. The goal is to make your pet think they are royalty and this is their well-deserved throne. And they won’t let you forget it, either.

9.  Bake some homemade pet treats

Who doesn’t love fresh-from-the-oven goodies? Heart-shaped cookies will go over big, especially when decorated with fancy frosting, will surely make you your pet’s favorite Valentine.

10.  Keep human Valentine’s Day gifts far out of reach

You may love that three-pound box of chocolates your honey bought you. But today could turn tragic if your pet gets to it first. After have a couple chocolates (or ten) put the red shiny box away. Your pet and your waistline will thank you for it.

Flower arrangements should also be kept under lock and key. Cats especially cannot resist nibbling on all that fancy foliage, and flowers such as lilies and orchids are extremely toxic.

11.  Skip the real candles and use electric ones

Candles and Valentine’s Day go together like peanut butter and jelly. But with little fur balls around, a nice evening can get deadly with one misplaced thump of a tail. The good news is, you can still enjoy beautiful candlelit ambiance without worry if you invest in electric candles. Many are made out of candle wax and flicker just like a real flame for a realistic effect.

We at Raleigh Pawz hope you and your furry Valentine have a safe and fun holiday!

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