A Visit From Santa Paws: Holiday Gifts For Cats

The holidays are a time for giving and when doing so, we don’t want to forget our little furry friends. There are many ideas for what to give your cat as a gift from Santa Paws. Listed below are a few suggestions. Check it twice!

  1. Scratching Post: This present can also pull double duty as a gift for you as well. Your kitty gets a great new toy, and you get to keep your furniture looking brand new. Hey, that sounds like a win-win situation to us!
  2. Ball Of Yarn: The simple things in life sometimes hold the most fun and enjoyment, especially for cats. This gift will save you some dough, but your cat will still get hours of excitement in exchange. As always, make sure you supervise your little ball of fur while they are playing with the yarn. Ingesting yarn or any other stringy non-food item can cause serious medical issues, and we definitely don’t want that!
  3. Catnip: A purrfect treat for cats, why not let your cat indulge in a little catnip for the holiday? Tis the season to be jolly!
  4. Toy Mice: Cats love chasing mice. Everyone knows it, but who wants actual mice in their house? Nobody. You can buy toy mice filled with catnip and attached to a string or pole so that you can be part of the action. There are even remote-controlled and battery operated toy mice. So this season, not a creature will be stirring, EXCEPT for the cat and toy mouse.
  5. Feather Wand: Feather wands are a go-to for kitties and lots of fun for you and your cat. Dangle it, whip it or drag it, your cat will have a blast, and playing together is a bonding experience for you both. And the holiday IS about family and friends, even our furry ones.
  6. Laser Pointer: It is a well-known fact that cats love laser pointers. No matter what life struggle your kitty is encountering, it can always be solved by a small red dot on a wall. This will provide hours of entertainment not just for your cat, but for you as well. Trust us.

No matter which gift you decide on for your kitty cat this holiday season, we know that he will be filled with magic and wonder. That is what the holiday season is all about after all. And if none of these work, try some jingle bells, those never fail!

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