Hey there! My name is Aidan. I am from rural Canada, but have lived in North Carolina my whole life around the Triangle. I have a deep love and appreciation for dogs, and I understand just how deep your desire is to give your pet the whole world. Your pet deserves freedom and respect, and I am happy to be on such a team which can help you help your pet fulfill their desire to explore.
I’ve been raised alongside dogs, and I’m happy to say they’ve always been in my life. When I was about 7, my family adopted a pound hound from a local shelter, and we named her Terra. Shortly after we adopted Terra, we also got a purebred border collie puppy, Chancellor, who we called Chance. In March of 2018, I adopted my own puppy, Magistrate (Magis for short), and though she already had great training when she came into my life, she and I have been working hard together to turn her into a well-adjusted, proper grownup pup (and she’s helped me become a well-adjusted grownup human).
Since I finished my Emergency Medical Technician training in 2018, I’ve been excited about getting Magis trained in Search and Rescue, and hope to get her working with Orange County’s volunteer South Orange Rescue Squad in the coming years. Health and safety is always in the front of my mind, and I am always on the lookout for dangers coming to me and my crew (and yes, your pets are part of my crew).
I can’t wait to meet you and your pets!