Autumn Grooming Tips

Ah, fall. A time for sweet apple cider and, if you’re lucky, a hot apple cider doughnut, fresh out of the fryer. Chilly-but-pleasant hikes in the woods. And of course, your furry little friend will want to come along too!

Autumn grooming tips

Raleigh Pawz wants to remind you that as you slip into your favorite fall sweater, your pet also prepares to slip into his — his new winter coat! But before that happens, he’s got a whole lotta shedding to do.

Here are some autumn grooming tips to keep Fido happy and healthy.

Brush your pet daily — maybe more

Giving Fido a thorough brushing daily will help him more easily shed his summer coat and keep matting to a minimum. Plan an extra trip or two to the groomer as well to keep his coat healthy and shiny.

Look out for ticks

Many people mistakenly believe that spring and summer are the only time you have to worry about these bloodsucking bad boys. Not so. There are plenty of ticks hanging around looking for a free meal in the fall too. And you don’t want Fido to be their next banquet.

Fall allergies don’t just affect humans

Fido is just as susceptible to fall allergies and skin irritations as we are. Periodically check your pet’s skin for flaking and hot spots. Consult your veterinarian and be sure to keep up with Fido’s medicated baths and other prescriptions.

Keep Fido moisturized

As the heat begins to come on, we notice our hair and skin drying out in response. Well, Fido is no different! Switch to a moisturizing shampoo and keep a lookout for dry, scaly paws. Dry paws can crack and this can lead to infections. So pick up some paw balm and give Fido a little spa love!

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