Picture of dog sitting on a sofa

Tips for Keeping Pets Off of Furniture and Counters

By Raleigh Pawz | August 23, 2021

Loving your pets means creating safe boundaries for them in your home. Plus, not only do you need to keep them safe, but it’s also nice to keep your furniture and kitchen counters in good shape! Therefore, it’s worth taking the time to learn a few ways you can keep your pets off of these…

How to Prepare for a Pet Sitter

How to Prepare for a Pet Sitter

By Raleigh Pawz | July 28, 2021

Hiring the right pet sitter is important for anyone who adores their fur baby and is cautious about who comes into their home.  Attention to detail and pet care instructions, respectful care of your home, and utmost professionalism are a must!  Raleigh Pawz is honored to do just that and provide North Carolina the best…

Pet Anxiety

Top Tips for Dealing with Pet Anxiety

By Raleigh Pawz | June 28, 2021

Are you headed out of the house in Raleigh?  Leaving your pet alone for long periods of time can make them feel lonely and anxious and cause unruly behavior such as urinating or defecating in the house or destroying furniture. Here are some tips on how you can make temporary separation easier for them. Prepare…

Does Your Pet Have Allergies

Does Your Pet Have Allergies?

By Raleigh Pawz | June 14, 2021

Just like us humans, dogs can suffer from different allergies. In fact, allergies are one of the most common reasons pet owners seek out their vets. Currently, Raleigh, North Carolina, is listed as having some of the highest allergy rates in the U.S. according to Pollen.com.  Below you can find some of the most common…

Litter box Solutions

Litter Box Solutions

By Raleigh Pawz | April 16, 2021

It is not uncommon for cats to develop issues with using the litter box. Some stop using the boxaltogether, while some only use it sporadically and inconsistently. Elimination problems candevelop for a few reasons. It could be a result of conflict between multiple cats in a home, possibly because of a dislike forthe litter-box type…

Expert Puppy Trainer Vee

From Potty-Training to Leash Pulling – Everything You Need to Know about Puppy Training from our Expert Trainer, Vee

By raleighpets | March 9, 2021

From potty-training to leash pulling, our expert trainer, Vee, answers all of your questions for successful puppy training! Hi there! I’m Vee, and I’m from Long Island, New York, but I’m a longtime Raleigh resident. I’ve been in the dog professional world since 2007. I started my career at a rescue center and I’m currently…

Indestructible Dog Toys

Top Three Indestructible Dog Toys

By raleighpets | February 10, 2021

A lot of dogs will frustratingly destroy a new toy in the same day, or even hour that they get it. If your pooch is one of them, then this list is for you!  Here are the top three toys you can buy that are truly indestructible and also safe to use. Keep reading to…

What to watch with your pet - picture of dog watching tv.

Happy New Year! Top 10 TV Shows and Movies to Watch with Your Pet This Winter

By raleighpets | January 4, 2021

Are you getting ready to snuggle up with your fur baby for a night of “Netflix and Chill”? Hunkering down a little more than usual after the holiday season? Here at Raleigh Pawz, we’ve put together a fantastic list of television shows and movies that you can watch with your sweet kitty or pup while…

Happy Thanksgiving – With Gratitude from Raleigh Pawz

By raleighpets | November 19, 2020

We love our jobs and are so grateful for the opportunity to work with each and every client.  2020 has certainly thrown some curveballs and we’ve all faced our own unique challenges, but through everything we remain so grateful for our four-legged furry friends and their humans.  During this season of Thanksgiving, here are just…

Social distancing while out with pet

Tips for Maintaining Social Distancing While Out With Your Pet

By raleighpets | October 19, 2020

With the pandemic impacting our lives in some way, shape, or form, it’s important that you and your fur baby are getting outside for fresh air and exercise for your health and well-being. Daily walks are an easy way to keep you and your pet healthy, not to mention they are a great stress reliever.…