Boredom isn’t just a human problem

Does your dog get into things he’s not supposed to?

Does your dog sleep a lot?

Does your dog drive you crazy when you’re trying to do other things?

All of those could be signs of boredom. When the weather is less than walk-friendly, it is even more important to keep a dog entertained and mentally stimulated. The signs of a bored dog may be easy to see, but they’re not always easy to stop, once your dog has started.

The good news is if you’re paying attention when it starts, it can be easier to get your dog to stop.

How? With training and games!

Teaching your dog to do tricks or obey certain commands can have several benefits: stress and boredom busting for your dog, some even say that it can change the structures or their brains. Not only that but participating in indoor activities when extended periods of time outside aren’t possible can help your dog to burn off excess energy.

Four ways to entertain the family pet indoors

Some favorites to keep your pup’s brain sharp include fetch (you know, tossing a favorite toy for your dog to bring back), nose work to find certain odors (find the treat!), and obedience.

Fetch: First of all, fetch makes your dog move when they’re engaged in the play. Your dog has to track whichever toy you decide to use. They have to get up and move to get the toy; they have to focus in order to bring it back. Fetch is a good way to engage with your dog and show him or her that you are paying attention.

Nose work: Training for nose work is just what it sounds like. It teaches your dog to find items with specific smells. Nose work starts with getting a dog excited about the scent, and using a scent that they get the most excited over, and involves training to find these items as they’re hidden.

Puzzle games: Puzzle games make your dog think, and move at the same time. Finding treats in toys designed to hold them is an easy way of combining nose work and puzzle games. Other toys require a dog to complete an action, like turning over a cup that covers a treat before they get the reward.

Obedience: Reinforcing obedience training is never a bad idea, when you’re doing it in the right way. When your dog obeys commands and does what you want him or her to do, whether for safety or behavioral reasons, that’s a win. Working with your dog to learn and remember obedience commands keeps their minds processing, and can help lower your stress levels.

At Raleigh Pet Sitters, we can provide indoor activity as part of our walking and pet sitting services. Our pet sitters want to ensure that your pet is healthy, happy and entertained while they are in our care. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help to entertain your furry friend.

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