What to Know About Heartworm and Your Dog

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If you’re a dog owner, it’s important to be aware of the dangers of heartworms. This deadly parasite can cause serious health problems for your pet, and can even be fatal. In this article, we will discuss what heartworms are, how they are transmitted, and the symptoms that you should look out for. We will…

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Know the Signs of Tapeworm in Your Cat

Know the signs of tapeworm in your cat and when to take to the vet. Picture of cat at the vet.

Tapeworms are long, white, and flat segmented organisms that reside in the intestines of pets such as dogs and cats. These parasites possess male and female reproductive organs and anchor themselves to their host’s intestinal walls with hook-like mouthparts. While there are various types of tapeworms, the most common ones found in felines include dipylidium…

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Valentine’s Day Pet Safety

Each year, many vets see a rise in cases around Valentine’s Day that involve flowers or chocolate. While Valentine’s Day can be quite fun for pets, here are some safety tips to help keep the day safe! Guard the Chocolate Experienced pet owners are aware that all types of chocolate can be potentially life-threatening if…

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Dog Bakeries in Raleigh for Valentine’s Day Treats

Pet Sitting Raleigh North Carolina Dog Walking pets Valentines day

Valentine’s Day is typically a day for humans to share their affection to those they love. Flowers, gifts and treats are traditionally shared with people, but at Raleigh Pawz we believe pets should be included too! Your canine companion will be delighted with a Valentine’s Day surprise!! Raleigh has a couple of bakeries where doting…

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Keep your dog healthy and happy in the colder winter months

Raleigh Pet Sitters

The colder temps of winter present unique concerns for pet owners, especially when their dog has to be outside. At Raleigh Pawz, we want your furry friends to be as comfortable and happy as possible this winter. This week, we’re presenting a few things to look for, and potential fixes to those issues. Behaviors to…

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Pets and Christmas Trees: They Can Coexist This Year

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If your dog or cat is young, or inquisitive, or if you’ve had pets for any length of time that included a Christmas holiday, you’ve probably witnessed the allure of the recently installed Christmas tree, especially if you’ve managed to get the lights and decorations up. Cats especially seem to be unable to resist the…

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