Why Choose Holistic Pet Care?

By Thea Malfetti 

It is in my opinion as other naturopaths that allopathic medicine is based on fear. Fear of disease, fear of death. Fear based medicine has the been the approach to get pet owners to conform to synthetic medicines; that weaken the immune system and weighs your pet down with toxins and pathogens.

Holistic pet care is an innate way of caring for your animals. Choosing an alternative lifestyle for your pets brings better overall health and vitality to your pet. Diet, nutrition and lifestyle adjustments are crucial to allowing your pet to live in health and harmony for many years to come.thea-malfetti_2147147

Have you recently made any healthy lifestyle changes?

Maybe you’ve switched your diet, or have decided to take longer walks and enjoy the ocean breeze or the fresh mountain air.

Might these same practices keep your pet in better health, too?

A holistic pet care practitioner looks at a pet’s overall health, and uses traditional alternative therapies. We rely on lab tests and natural remedies for prevention and help to keep pets healthy and vibrant. We encourage changes in pets’ diets and lifestyles to help ward off illnesses like skin issues, obesity, arthritis, diabetes, and sometimes even cancer.

For example…

One of my clients, Toby, the big red dog! (Irish setter) Was riddled with oozing hot spots, hair loss and scratching uncontrollably. In addition, Toby was extremely overweight. After learning of Toby’s daily diet intake and lifestyle routine, I created a health promotion plan for Toby to follow which would not only assist in the demise of the hot spots but promote weight loss. Three weeks later, Toby’s oozing hot spots dried up, his hair had grown so long, a grooming appointment was the next stop and Toby was 7 pounds lighter. This change was only just in a few short weeks. Imagine the progress and vitality of Toby in years to come?

A permanent lifestyle adjustment needs to be implemented so your pet can forever thrive.

Here are some differences between conventional pet foods and holistic pet foods.

Conventional foods contain: over-processed, dried up dough that is cooked under extreme pressure and high temperatures. This process creates continuous chemical and physical alterations to the ingredient mixture.

Typical changes include:

Starch gelatinization
Inactivation of nutritionally active factors
Protein denaturation
Vitamin loss

Holistic food contains:

Raw meat! That means the flesh, the tissue, the muscle, the fat, the organs of an animal. Ideally, the diet should be fresh but as a viable alternative fresh, dehydrated, animal meat can serve as a compensation. Fruits and vegetables are not ideal for your carnivores to ingest.

Raw meat is how nature designed the food chain to operate for carnivores. Our dogs and cats are instinctually carnivores.

*Please note: if your pet is currently eating kibble or any other processed store bought food, certain guidelines need to be followed in order to transition your pet into the raw, food, thriving lifestyle!

Customized Health Plans should be recommended by a professional.

Thea Malfetti, founder of One Heart Four Paws.

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