Choosing The Right Pet For You

The decision to bring a pet into your family and your home is a big one. Many times it’s an easy one; sometimes it takes a little more thought and preparation. 

At Raleigh Pet Sitters, we encourage potential pet owners to take their time and put more than a little thought into the choice.  To help with that, we believe that there are five things to keep in mind that may help you to make an informed choice that everyone could be happy with.

5 Things to Think About When You Want A Pet

  1. Consider Your Lifestyle.
    If you have a crazy schedule that keeps you hopping, it’s something to seriously consider. With limited time and availability, a pet that requires an enormous amount of your time and energy might not be the best choice. If you have a schedule that doesn’t allow you to be home most nights, that can affect how you can interact with your pet.
  2. Consider Health Issues.
    When we say consider health issues, we mean your own, and those of your family members. This may not apply to everyone, but for individuals who have allergies, it is an important issue. If you prefer dogs, there are breeds that don’t shed much, some that are called “hypoallergenic,” and those are great for people who are sensitive to, or allergic to dog dander. Also consider how much exercise your pet will need. Every breed is different. 
  3. How Do Your Family Members React to Animals?
    To ensure that your family members are comfortable with the animal you choose, it’s important to be sure you know how they will react to the pets you choose. For example, if your kids don’t like reptiles and shriek from them, they are probably not the best choice.
  4. Research Your Options.
    Once you’ve decided on the type of pet (species) you want to bring home, it’s time to do some research and soul searching. If you want to bring a dog home, decide whether you’re interested in bringing home a pup from a breeder, or if you’d like to adopt from a shelter. Consider its temperament and personality, and see if you can spend time with a potential pet before you bring it home. In some cases, like adopting from a shelter, you’ll often spend time with the pet to ensure a good fit.
  5. Consider Your Resources.
    Pets take time, resources and energy. If you know you’ll need some help with your new family friend, there are many options available. If you’re interested in keeping your pet entertained while you’re at work, or out of town, a pet sitting service like Raleigh Pets can certainly help.

If you have a busy lifestyle, Raleigh Pet Sitters can help eliminate your stress and give you peace of mind. We’re here to take care of your dog walking and pet sitting needs.


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