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With so many pet parents moving into the Raleigh area, one question at the top of their list is sure to be, “What veterinary hospital should I use?” There are many incredible animal hospitals in the area, but one that really stands out is CityVet. If you live in downtown Raleigh or are moving to the area, give them a shout.

The CityVet Difference

When you visit CityVet, you will clearly see that Dr. Patrick McCrory and the CityVet crew have a passion for animals. Dr. McCrory is knowledgable and treats every pet with compassion.  The CityVet crew is communicative, knowledgable and friendly. CityVet’s goal is to provide a fun, integrated experience for both the pet and their person with an emphasis on your pet’s well being.

Dr. Patrick McCrory lives in Raleigh with his wife Jackie and daughter Abigail. They have a bouncy black lab named Hank and a lazy beagle named Maddie.

Dr. McCrory has been practicing veterinary medicine for 18 years. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology and his Doctoral Degree in Veterinary Medicine both from Auburn University. He also completed a research fellowship at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Schools of Medicine and Dentistry.

In the practice of veterinary medicine, I have the unique opportunity to have a significant, beneficial impact on both pet’s and people’s lives every day.– Dr. Patrick McCrory


(919) 307-8843

MONDAY – FRIDAY: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM
SATURDAY: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM (1st & 3rd of each month)

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