Initial Consult

Let’s get to know each other.

Raleigh Pet Sitting Consults are FREE unless:

  1. You request a consult within 48 hours of the service start date, then there is a $25 last-minute consult fee.
  2. If you are interviewing pet sitting companies, there is a $20 consult fee, which can be applied to your first scheduled service if you decide to use us.

On the consult, we will:

  • Meet you and your pet(s) and learn all about their routine(s). We will have you show us where you keep the food, leashes, litter boxes etc. You will tell us all about your pets and we will listen to what you want done.
    • Do they have any medical problems?
    • On medications?
    • What’s their favorite toy?
    • Do they like their belly scratched or maybe their ears?
    • What are they used to having done?
    • Do they have any dislikes?
  • Ask to have two (2) keys at this time so please have them ready for us. There is a $10 charge to come back at a later date to pick them up.

Please note, if we have any concerns about your dog, we will set up a “trial” visit as soon as possible to see how your dog reacts without you home. You will be charged the normal pet sitting rate for this visit. That way, if there are any problems you will have time to make alternative dog care arrangements before you leave.

Please complete the Request for Service – New Clients Only Form so that we can get in touch with you as soon as possible. Please go HERE first to make sure that we do service your area.

FREE Consult!

I have been using Raleigh Pet Sitters for a couple of years now and highly, highly recommend them! It is so nice to be able to leave my dog in the comfort of her own home while I am away and to not worry about her. I know she is always taken care of and enjoys her time with her pet sitter!

Alyson S.

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