DIY Cat Toys

Our feline friends are beautiful and snuggly (sometimes), but underneath all that gorgeousness are sharp minds that need plenty of stimulation and fun!

Raleigh Pawz knows you adore Fluffy like a furry child and want her to be happy. But on a budget, sometimes we can’t afford to spoil our pets as much as we might want to.

Or can we?

The perfect toys for your feline can be created with items you probably have lying around the house! Here are some great budget-conscious suggestions.

The Basic Box

What cat doesn’t like a good old-fashioned box? Pick up various sizes to entertain your feline friend and fill him or her with insatiable curiosity. Add to your cat’s fun by cutting out holes in the sides big enough to crawl into or stick a paw out to defend the fort! Give Fluffy the deluxe treatment by stacking boxes (not too high) to make a cat castle, or link boxes together with connecting tunnel holes for an impenetrable lair!

Pipe Cleaners

Mangle up a few colorful pipe cleaners into various interesting shapes. For extra feline joy, tie a string around them for an irresistible chasing game!

Catnip Socks

What do you do with those socks that have lost their mates? Fill them with catnip, knot the tops, and give them to your cats! ‘Nuff said.

Puzzle Box

Instead of chucking your Amazon box in the trash, why not put it to good use? Turn it into a tantalizing puzzle box that will keep your kitty amused for hours! The best size for this toy is a flat box, like a shirt box you might get at a department store. Place cat treats, jingly balls, wadded up pieces of paper, and other items of curiosity in the box and cut holes in the lid. Your kitty won’t be able to resist getting at all that fascinating loot!

Toilet Paper Roll Treasures

A toilet paper roll is enough on its own to keep your feline entertained. Fluffy will bat it around for hours, delighting in the sound it makes as it tumbles and rolls. Add to the excitement by putting some catnip or a ball inside and folding it shut. Fluffy will have a blast trying to get the goodies out of these cat toys.

Cat Dancers

These irresistible cat toys are so easy to make! Tie a string to a stick or a dowel. Then securely tie on the “prey animal,” be it a tassel from an old hat, a wine cork, or scraps of fabric. Dangle it in the air or drag it across the floor and watch Fluffy go!

OK, so you didn’t break the bank to make Fluffy feel spoiled. In fact, you didn’t spend a dime. But what Fluffy doesn’t know can’t hurt her. Besides, she’s too busy playing with that intoxicating puzzle box to care. And that expensive toy you bought last week? It’s still sitting there.


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