Holiday Decorations to Avoid Around Dogs

The holidays are a wonderfully festive time, but as a dog owner, you must take your pup into account when decorating the home. If you are not careful, the combination of holiday decorations and dogs could spell disaster.

This quick guide to holiday decorations and dogs should help you avoid potentially problematic situations for both your fur baby and your decor.  

Take Extra Care with Food-Related Items

All food-related items will quickly be sniffed out by dogs, which can lead to a great deal of mess if they open them or try to climb up to packages that are out of reach. So, you should take extra care with any food-related items that are integrated into your festive decorations.

Meanwhile, hanging chocolates and chocolate stocking stuffers pose a real threat to your dog’s health. While they may be fun, it’s probably best to keep a tub of candies and chocolates up high on a kitchen counter or another location where they are out of your pup’s reach.

Use Caution with Glass Ornaments

The festive season is a magical time, and having pets should not stand in the way of creating a magical homey vibe. Still, dogs will likely knock at least one ornament off of the tree. Avoiding glass and other breakable materials can prevent injuries.

On a side note, you should avoid tinsel and other items that your pet is likely to eat. Even consuming a few strands can cause major problems for your pup’s digestive health. When considering holiday decorations and dogs, prevention is the best form of protection!

One Last Thing…

Whatever decorations you opt for, they are far more likely to become a source of problems if you fail to help your pup find an outlet for their energy. Getting your dog outside is the perfect solution, even when you are personally unavailable.  Book a dog walk with the Raleigh Pawz dog walking team today.

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