How Dogs Improve Your Heart Health

Becoming a pet owner improves your life in many ways, and it really is true that dogs are man’s best friend. However, the relationship between heart health and dogs is one that often goes overlooked. 

In reality, it is one of the greatest benefits of becoming a dog owner. Here are just some of the ways that dogs will boost your heart health over the years to come.

Dogs make your life less stressful

Stress is a leading contributor to poor heart health and a plethora of other health issues. Just 10 minutes of petting your dog can spark changes in your brain that ultimately see your stress levels fall.

Meanwhile, the companionship and unconditional love from a dog will relieve a lot of stress. Simply having a dog and spending time with your furry friend is, therefore, a great asset for supporting your physical wellness and heart health.

Dogs promote reduced blood pressure

Petting a dog can also be shown to reduce blood pressure. However, it is also shown that simply being around the pup can support heart rates in people with conditions as well as individuals in great health.

This can be linked to the fact that dogs instantly make the pressures of the day fade away when you return home. Dogs additionally provide psychological support  in difficult times. Their infectious positivity can boost your heart and brain health.

Dogs help you stay active

As well as motivating you, dogs give you the added responsibility of taking them for walks. Exploring the best trails in Raleigh, NC will naturally increase your daily step count. Even playing games around the house will bring benefits for your heart.

Heart health and dogs are very closely linked. Better still, most of the rewards come naturally without any conscious effort on your behalf. And for the times that you cannot take your pup out due to life responsibilities, the Raleigh Pawz team is here to help with dog walking and pet sitting services. Visit the Raleigh Pawz website to easily book visits for your pets.

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