Enhancing Feline Love – 3 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

By Kritika Modgil 

Let’s start with the fact- A majority of cats are more than happy to stay aloof and DO NOT seek your attention, but there are still some breeds that love a good snuggle by their owners.

Having said that, I’d like to give you little information- if your kitty doesn’t enjoy your cuddles it doesn’t mean she isn’t appreciative of your love. When I say that I only mean to remind you that “any cat of any breed can have a special relationship with their person or family, or they might not even consider showing any signs of love – they’re just as diverse in personality and behavior as we humans are.”

For those who’re willing to shower their love on these adorable fur balls can be the owners of cats from the following three breeds. The strains have been classified on the basis of their relationship with the owners and love for them.

1. Scottish Fold/Scottish Straight – Snuggled with a stuffed toy? That’s how they feel. These totally snuggly cats either come with folded or upright ears variety. The Scottish breed is extremely friendly, and most of them will even allow kids to dress them up in doll clothes without getting irritated. Furthermore, this is not the breed that will sit alone the whole day; they are the ones that want to be with their special one every minute – so you just cannot stand up and walk out the room without them following you. A kind of pet that won’t pester you in your face, and makes it clear that it wishes to be near you (all the time).

2. Ragdoll – Named so because the cats tend to go limp in your arms. A breed that’s quiet and laid back, but showers all the love on you. Though the cats are deceptively muscular, they are the perfect furballs in the house. Ragdolls are the kind of breed that will be happy and interested in being a part of the house. They’ll readily snuggle with you for hours and will seek your attention if they see you avoiding them.

It seems like I’m already in love!

3. Birman – Looking for a companion? Well, this is the breed! If you’re happy, they’re going to be there, ready to play and have fun with you. But, if you’ve witnessed a bad day and wish be alone and quiet, the Birman will be on hand to quietly comfort and console you. The one people oriented cat! Intuitive, freely affectionate, and loving, Birmans offer a shoulder to cry on, but they will also entertain you like a kitten, energetically playing their favorite kitty games for hours. Sensitive and loyal, the Birman is the feline epitome of that theme song from the Friends television series: I’ll be there for you! Aren’t they?

That’s not all about cat breeds; they’re a lot of them, but these are the ones you don’t have to think before petting.

Excited much? Well, so am I. Look around guys you might just find one companion.

Cat adoption and petting have always remained a major concern among people and people hunt all over the net to find the best cat breeds. However, not very often do they come across answers for the most affectionate cat breeds; therefore, this article is a help for those who’re willing to be cat owners but need some information about the best breed. Feline love is unconditional and it can continue to grow forever. While working with I Love Your Cat, what I realized was that these fur-balls not only make you feel better emotionally but they also keep you physically active. Here’s to the love of these beautiful animals!

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