Enjoy Fall in Raleigh with Your Pup

In fall, the leaves change into gorgeous reds, golds, and yellows, and the temperatures drop to a more than pleasant range. It’s the perfect time to head into nature and sample some of the seasonal inspiration. For dog walkers, we love this time of year! Below are some ideal trails in Raleigh, North Carolina, for you and your pup to enjoy this fall. 

Sal’s Branch 

If you want an easy and beautiful fall park to visit with your dog, then head along to Sal’s Branch Trail. This park is located on Big Lake in William B. Umstead State Park. So not only can you enjoy a woodland walk through the falling leaves but you can also enjoy the boathouse and Big Lake.   

Inspiration Trail 

Inspiration Trail is also located in William B. Umstead State Park, and it is appropriately named. Unlike the woody Sal’s Branch Trail, this one is slightly more elevated and modified for dog walkers – expect plenty of sit-down spots and identifiable trees along the route.  

Falls Lake Trail 

If you want a little bit extra from your dog walking route this fall, then head over to Falls Lake Trail. This is a 50-mile trail that follows the south shore of Falls Lake, which looks stunning in the silent morning air and the golden light of dusk. Choose between a casual walk or a more strenuous hike.  


Fall is upon us, and it’s one of the best times to walk your pup and enjoy the crisp air and changing colors.  It’s fun to mix things up once in a while and combine your dog walk with something inspirational for you as well.

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