Is Fido Ignoring Food? There May Be Several Reasons Why.

Many dogs love food as much as humans do. They beg for it, settling as close to their humans as possible, even invading personal space, in the hopes that they’ll get a bite of your food or be able to sneak one. That’s why it can be alarming if your furry friend won’t eat.

If your dog isn’t eating, don’t panic. There are many reasons that Fido might not want to chow down, and not all are serious medical issues. There are a variety of things that you can do to convince your dog to eat again.

5 Reasons Your Dog May Not Want to Eat

  1. They May Be Uncomfortable.
    In the summer and autumn months when dogs get warmer because the weather is hotter, they may not eat as usual. It’s normal, and if it doesn’t happen frequently, it may not be anything to worry about. Leave the food available, and make sure that they have water to help them cool down.
  2. Fido Could Be Sick.
    Although occasionally passing up food is nothing to worry about, prolonged ignoring of their food could be a signal that a dog owner should get them checked out. A veterinarian can tell you if there’s something more serious going on. Also, if you believe that Fido may have swallowed something they shouldn’t have, take your dog to the vet quickly.
  3. Your Dog May Have Mouth Problems.
    If a dog has tooth or gum pain, not only is eating unpleasant, but it can be difficult. If you suspect an issue in your dog’s mouth, it’s important to have a dental checkup.
  4. Has There Been A Change in Feeding?
    Dogs get used to routine, especially when it comes to food. It may take some time for Fido to get used to a new schedule. Other changes that can affect a dog’s willingness to eat are if they’ve gotten used to human foods, or if your pet has been getting lots of treats between meals.  If you’ve changed the schedule, give your dog some time to adjust; if you’ve been giving many treats, you might cut back and see if that helps your dog to return to his or her food.
  5. Has Your Dog Been Sick?
    Like humans, dogs can determine cause and effect links to behaviors. If Fido has vomited recently and their regular food was in his or her belly, they may associate their normal kibble with throwing up. Like humans, they’d probably want to avoid that and avoid eating. 

Though we have given some reasons your dog will not eat, we believe it is best to consult your vet if you have concerns about changes in your dog’s eating habits.

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