Happy Thanksgiving – With Gratitude from Raleigh Pawz

We love our jobs and are so grateful for the opportunity to work with each and every client.  2020 has certainly thrown some curveballs and we’ve all faced our own unique challenges, but through everything we remain so grateful for our four-legged furry friends and their humans.  During this season of Thanksgiving, here are just a few examples of some of the things our staff love so much and are forever grateful for.

Zeus and Cleo – Zeus and Cleo are the sweetest fun-sized babies. No matter how long it’s been since I’ve seen them, they always welcome me like an old friend. I love how Zeus gives me little kisses on the nose whenever I pick him up, and how Cleo flops over for tummy rubs as soon as I look at her.


Jazz and Henry – Jazz and Henry are a couple of happy pups. Nothing is more heartwarming (or hilarious) than watching the two of them jump all over each other trying to get to me when I walk into the house. They definitely know how to make their sitter feel loved.



Bo and Atty – Bo and Atty are two floofy boys who love cuddles even more than they love food!


Stella – I’ve had the pleasure of taking Stella on her midday walks for a few years now. She’s a wonderful girl and she sure does love tummy rubs. She gets one every day, and doesn’t get up to walk until she’s decided she’s had enough.


Rico – The opportunity to care for Rico was particularly special for me as I actually had met him previously by a different name while caring for him at the dog rescue I volunteer with. He came to the rescue with a group of dogs from Puerto Rico after a hurricane devastated the region. This group of dogs was very special to all of the volunteers and to get the chance to see him so happy and spoiled in his furever home was a real treat.


Fletcher and Leo – Fletcher & Leo they are two wildly different personalities—Fletcher is bold in his cuddling, while Leo cannot be acknowledged that he’s cuddling with you or he’ll run off.


Max, Vader, and Josey – This trio of pups were my first clients with Raleigh Pawz and l can’t imagine a better welcoming committee than them! This trio is just the sweetest group of pups who are always so affectionate and will keep you in stitches with silly, lovable personalities. I get excited anytime I see their names pop up on my schedule, because they are truly such a joy to care for.


It is with much gratitude that we say thank you again for trusting us with the care of your fur baby and for working with us here at Raleigh Pawz.  We wish you a happy, healthy, and joyous holiday season ahead.


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