Tips for Helping Your Pet Adjust to Hectic Holiday Schedules

The holidays may be great for us humans, but for your four-legged family members, it may not be so much fun. Dogs can get over-excited with all the extra commotion and cats may quickly become overwhelmed by the changes in routine.  You may find your pets jumping up on people, or disappearing for hours, or simply acting uncharacteristically. These are signs of stress, but there are some simple ways to help your pet adjust to the holidays.  Keep reading for some helpful tips!

A Pet-Friendly Room

If you feel that your pet will interfere with the event or just get too stressed, a pet-friendly room could be the answer. Close off a room in your house and keep your pets inside. Ensure that they have adequate food and water, a few treats, a litter box for your cat or be sure your dog has been out before the event starts. Make the room off-limits to guests and rest assured that your pets are cozy and comfortable away from the festivities.


If you are going to be traveling more than usual, be sure you have plenty of cat or dog toys and/or treats for the trip. Their usual food is always recommended to avoid additional stress. Travel safety gear is always a good idea and frequent stops are encouraged. If at all possible, the best case scenario is to leave your pet home with a pet sitter so they can remain in their own familiar space.   

Stick With the Usual Routine

Last, but not least, try to stick to your pet’s normal routine as much as possible.  This means taking walks or going outside at the usual times, feeding on schedule, and offering plenty of affection as you normally would. Don’t forget things like medications, fresh water bowls, and simply play time with your pet, as well.  These things will help set you and your fur baby up for a less stressful holiday season.

If you find yourself needing some extra help during the holidays, reach out to Raleigh Pawz for pet sitting, dog walking, and more.  We’re here to help!

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