How to Pick the Perfect Name for Your Pet

You just welcomed your newest family member into your home. The truth’s out — you are desperately, head-over-heels in love with your new little munchkin, and the tiny creature already knows it’s got you wrapped around its little paw for life.

As you stare into its little round eyes, you try to figure out what one word (or ten) sums up this pudgy little butterball. And though you might be tempted to call it The Grand Master Pudgy Wudgy Von Schnootekins, that might be quite a mouthful to remember at 3 a.m. when you are trying to call the critter back into the house.

Raleigh Pawz knows you have quite the task at hand. So we have a few suggestions to help.

Pick a name that’s short and easy to say

Considering you’ll be saying this name probably dozens of times a day (if not hundreds), you might want to keep it short, say, under three syllables.  And, short can still be really sweet.

Consider the pet’s breed, if you know it

A sturdy breed falls for a sturdy name. A tiny breed can hold its own with a cutesy name. No matter how adorable your little poopsie is right now, it’s gonna grow up, like it or not. Little Poopy might be a fitting name right now for your pudgy little furball, but your full-grown Rottweiler might grow out of his or her baby name.

On the other hand, a big and powerful name for a tiny dog is going to sound ridiculous, unless you are going for a humorous effect. Let’s face it — Brutus the chihuahua is just going to make people laugh.

Think about using the name in different situations

It’s 2 a.m. and your dog won’t come in. It’s just standing there, staring at you. Do you really want to yell “Chocolate Chip Pancakes” or “Shiva the Destroyer of Worlds” at the top of your lungs? Pick a nice, respectable name that won’t cause you to be the joke of the neighborhood.

Avoid picking a name that sounds like another pet name

This will cause your pets to be confused and frustrated. Both will run into the room, then think, “Wait…did you say Arlo? Or Marlow?”

Pick a name that describes your pet’s appearance

A fluffy white kitty could be named “Snowball.” A chubby calico cat could be named “Chubby Checkers.” Wait, that’s just mean. And too many syllables.

Anyway, we digress.

Take a look at your pet’s face and overall look and see if any descriptive words seem to stand out. Does your pet really look like a Rufus? A Chester?

Give it time

You might want to wait a few days before casting your pet’s name in stone. The more you understand your new pet’s personality, the easier it will be to come up with a name.

Consult a random name generator

If you really can’t think of anything, let the Internet help! Consider going to and see what names pop up. Keep refreshing until you see one that fits.

Raleigh Pawz hopes that this handy guide will help you find just the perfect name for your new best friend for life!

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