Human Foods Cats Love

Research shows that over one in four American households are cat owners. As such, choosing safe foods for cats is an issue that faces millions. While there are plenty of foods formulated specifically for our furry friends on the market, introducing human foods can be an ideal way to promote a varied and balanced diet. Before you do, though, you must confirm that the foods are safe for cat consumption. Here are some of the best options that your kitty may love.


It is universally known that cats love fish, and it can be hugely beneficial for your cat’s health thanks to the high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. However, cats can also eat other meats including beef, chicken, lamb, and turkey. When planning to feed your cat any meat product, though, it must be cooked to support healthy digestion. It must also be free from bones due to the potential choking hazards.

Fruit & Vegetables

Cats are able to eat a plethora of fruits and vegetables. Carrots, broccoli, bananas, blueberries, and seedless watermelon are some of the popular examples. These safe foods for cats naturally contain vitamins, fiber, and other health features. It should be noted, however, that our furry friends can be picky eaters. If your cat turns their nose up at this offer, it could be due to the texture. In this case, try not to force the issue.


Whole grains are also added to the list of safe foods for cats. They contain protein and are filling. Oats, corn, and brown rice are three great examples of grains that can be added to your cat’s diet. In addition to grains, you may also introduce scrambled or boiled eggs. But you will probably want to keep these human foods to low quantities. 

Foods To Avoid 

Appreciating safe foods for cats is one thing, but it’s equally crucial to avoid introducing potentially harmful foods to your cat. The list includes dairy, nuts, seeds, caffeine, and alcohol. If you’re unsure about a particular food, consult an expert first.

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