Howdy! My name is Johanna and I ogle over dogs like grandmothers ogle over babies. I was born in Virginia Beach, but grew up primarily in Ohio. My family is originally from the south so I wanted to head back to our native roots and have been in Raleigh since October of 2017.

Prior to working for Raleigh Pawz, I was a Craft Beer Manager, managed a winery in Ohio; graduated with honors from The University of Akron with a Bachelor’s in English Literature and Composition, and a minor in Military Science; and served in the United States Army. I have always had a passion for writing ever since I was a kid and am now fulfilling that dream as a writer. At present I am doing mostly freelance work, I am a Staff Writer for Geek Insider, and I write book reviews when I am not attempting to fulfill my aspirations of becoming a novelist.

I am an avid bookworm (I prefer to be called a leech but À chacun son goût). Other than my affinity for the written word I also enjoy the outdoors. I also enjoy yoga, hiking, meditation, history and culture, food, and various adventures. I often take Chase, my Golden Retriever, with me on my adventures. He is unbelievably spoiled with car rides under 35 (he does not like the wind in his hair), shredding sticks into mulch, playing with his favorite toy (a GIANT carrot), eating his two favorite foods (bananas and popcorn), and getting puppuccinos whenever I feel like I need a Starbs coffee fix (but I have to order ahead because he is very impatient if there is a line in the drive-through).

I have always loved animals, much to my mother’s chagrin as a youth with my incessant rescuing of strays, and I needed a healthy outlet to my desire to pet every single animal I see. Until I get the green light to adopt another pet I can assure you I shall treat yours just like I would my own; minus the shenanigans part. Chase is (almost) always to blame for that lot.