Keep Your Dog “Walk Ready” With Leisure Leash

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If you are a dog lover, like me, I would love to introduce you to the innovative and convenient, Leisure Leash. Leisure Leash keeps your pet “walk ready” as they “carry” their leash around their neck along with their collar. Simply slip the leash portion over their neck and you’re ready for a walk. If your dog likes to run or walk off leash or tends to “escape,” this is the perfect solution! Available for under $20 for both the collar and leash set.

Be Ready For a Walk or Run Leisure Leash — Under $20!

Keep your furry friend “walk ready” with the easy and convenient, Leisure Leash!  Stylish and affordable, the Original Hands-Free Leash is designed to make on and off leash experiences more enjoyable for you and your dog. It’s even terrific for curious and venturous dogs that like to sneak out of the yard! With Leisure Leash, your dog can carry his own leash around his neck at all times. Simply pull the leash over your dog’s head and bring your dog back to safety.

Leisure Leash offers pet owners tons of flexibility to be 100% hands-free. It is a two-part system that has a slip collar and a leash. Leisure Leash can be used both as a set with the slip collar and leash or with your pups current favorite collar. Now you never have to wonder where your dog’s leash is at again! Whenever you need it, have peace of mind knowing Leisure Leash is right there at the ready, hanging around your dog’s neck.

Leisure Leash2

Easy to use, simply slip both pieces over your dog’s head. The leash and collar will stay secure around your dog’s neck allowing him the freedom to roam around comfortably. Just pull off the leash from the collar over the dog’s head when it’s time to leash your pet.

Practical and lightweight, Leisure Leash is also a terrific way to train your dog! This all-in-one leash system can be used for short-leash heeling, medium-leash walking, and off-leash running.

To see how simple Leisure Leash is to use watch this video:

Leisure Leash includes the following features:

·      Innovative – Leisure Leash is the only hands-free leash on the market that is designed for dogs to carry their own leash leaving you 100% hands-free.

·      High-performance material –Constructed with top-quality nylon weave and a stainless steel clip, this leash is durable enough for any physical activity.

·      Vibrant and fun colors –For pups that like a little bit of flare, choose from 6 stylish and bold colors.

The price of a 22” leash, which fits most medium to large dogs starts at only $17.95. The Leisure Leash can be purchased at, Amazon, and Etsy.




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