Keeping Your Pet Safe During Springtime Outings

Keeping your pet safe during springtime outings

Springtime is here, and while that means sunshine (and more opportunities for long walks with a dog that would enjoy it), there are also things that pet owners should look out for.  Springtime also means more exposure to plants and other things that people leave outside.

Dogs love to sniff and explore during their walks- that’s how they experience the world. However, with springtime flowers in bloom and more people out and about, there are things that you’ll want to pay attention to.

5 things to watch out for during springtime

  1. Daffodils, lilies, rhododendrons and other plants

Indoors and out, adding plants is a great way to accessorize a home. Dogs like to sniff and sometimes chew on things outside, particularly plants, but not all plants are safe for dogs to consume. Daffodil bulbs are dangerous and rhododendron leaves are poisonous.

  1. Garden helpers

Gardeners love to get out in the spring and get their hands in the dirt. There are dogs that love to do the same! Keeping a garden growing healthily can be a challenge, but some of the things that people may use to grow their gardens can prove dangerous to their dogs. Fertilizers, even some growing plants (like shoots from potatoes) are poisonous when dogs ingest them.

  1. Trash on the sidewalk.  

People who get out and walk more, spend more time outside when the weather is nice. Often, this means that there’s more fast food garbage dropped on the sidewalks, or in areas where dogs may get to it and try to ingest it.  

  1. Bee stings

For extremely curious and playful dogs, bee stings may be an issue. Your dog is most likely to be stung on the snout, face or feet. We suggest avoiding areas where you see buzzing insects, just to be safe. Also, look for signs of swelling, scratching, licking or chewing at the site of a sting. Severe signs include vomiting, hives, and difficulty breathing.

  1. Slug bait

Slugs are an unfortunate side effect of bright and sunny spring weather and they can sometimes intrigue a dog. Slug bait contains a compound called metaldehyde , which can poison a pet. Watch for anxiety, hyper-salivating, muscle tremors, lack of coordination, fever, and convulsions. If you believe your dog has been affected by slug bait, contact your vet’s office.

At Raleigh Pet Sitters, we understand your desire to get your pup outside and enjoy the weather. We also understand the hazards and how interested dogs of all sizes can be in things that are around during walks during this time of year. We don’t do pack walks – and in this way, we are able to focus all of our attention on your pet to ensure that they stay away from potential hazards. Contact us today to learn about our dog walking services.


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