My name is Kellie. I have a lot of experience with animals in several different areas. I began my career with animals back in 2003 working at Wild Adventures Theme Park. I worked with wild animals as I educated guests on the importance of Wild Life Conservation and preserving our ecosystem. I then moved on to running my own program with the Humane Society where I found pets for people with special needs.

I was then recruited by Banfield Pet Hospital where I became a trained vet tech. I worked as a tech for several years before becoming a pet sitter while living in Atlanta, GA. I cared for many pets with illnesses and I was involved in at home hospice care, as well.

I love taking care of pets in their own homes, because I know how stressed they can get in a clinic environment while their owners are away. Due to my background, I have the extensive knowledge and instincts needed in order to be comfortable caring for all types of animals in a myriad of different situations.