Like Lunchtime Walks? Fido Does Too!

Like small children, dogs tend to have a lot of energy and daily exercise is a great way to help them work that off. Movement throughout the day helps, but mid-day walks in particular can help to keep your dog happy and healthy. No one likes to stay indoors all day and a mid-day walk is a great opportunity for pets and people both to get moving.

Seven Benefits of Mid-Day Exercise for Your Dog

  1. Short walks keep the digestive system healthy. Many pets have been trained not to potty indoors, so they hold it in while they’re inside.  When you usually take your dog out for a walk, do you notice that it takes a few minutes of walking, stopping and sniffing for your pet to stop and do his or her business? That’s because it takes a few minutes of movement to get the digestive system and bowel moving.
  2. Regular walks create routine.  For many dogs, having a routine means stability. A regular mid-day walk is something your dog can look forward to and learn to expect, much like regular treats.
  3. Reduces stress and anxiety. Some dogs suffer from stress and anxiety. They show these anxious moments through chewing, digging and being overly clingy. Regular walks promote routine that can help to keep your dog on an even keel.
  4. Walks allow your dog to explore the world. As a human, you have opportunities to explore your world, through walks, driving and other means. For your dog, a walk is an opportunity to find out who has been in their general area. Varying the route is important too.
  5. Mid-day walks allow your pet to socialize. Humans can socialize easily in several different ways. Your dog needs social time too and they use walk time to interact with other dogs and other humans. This sort of activity helps to provide mental stimulation, making your pet a happier pup.
  6. Walks help dogs to develop trust, bond with others. For dogs that have trust issues, walks are a great opportunity to strengthen a bond with a human. When a dog feels safe with humans, it can improve behavior issues in the dog, and reduce stress for you, the owner.  They’ll gain confidence in being around other animals and humans and this will increase their comfort level with strangers and others they know too.
  7. Regular walks can help your furry friend lose weight. A brisk walk is a fantastic way to help your pet burn a few calories and lose a few pounds. It may also help to improve their joints and overall health, which will lead to a happier pet.

At Raleigh Pet Sitters, we love taking your furry friend out mid-day. We don’t do pack walks – and in this way, we are able to focus all of our attention on your pet. Contact us today to learn about our mid-day walk services by filling out a request services form located at the top of our website. Or just click HERE.

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