“Mewgaroo Hoodie,” Kangaroo-like Sweatshirt with Pocket for Cats

Mewgaroo Hoodie has a cat-sized pocket for housing and snuggling attention-starved cats. It’s now available for purchase in the U.S. This pocket allows cats and their owners to stay together like a kangaroo family even if humans are busy reading, watching TV or Internet surfing. By holding the bottom of the pocket, owners can easily change their posture, stand or have a short walk without annoying their cat. (*Caution: When you stand and walk with your pets in the pocket, please hold the bottom of the pocket to make sure your pets will not fall off.) The pocket has two layers so that the liner can be removed and washed separately to clean up the fur remaining inside. It has a cat-shaped hood and paws on sleeves to feel like their real mother or father cat. There is an UNIHABITAT tag on the product to show its genuineness.

Since the first launch in the Japanese market in 2015, UNIHABITAT has received positive responses from the media and cat owners worldwide, especially from the United States. More than half of the website page views were from the States at its peak. Besides establishing the distribution channel, an XXL size for the U.S. market has been additionally developed, as there is a wider range of demand for sizes there.

Size: M, L, XL (Japanese size) and XXL (U.S. size).
Color: Heather gray, black (for M, L, XL only) and white (for M, L, XL only).
Expected market price: US$70.00 (tax excluded), available online including Amazon.com (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AKZJ12W).

Website: http://www.unihabitat.jp/products/upa32-us/


UNIHABITAT is a pet supply brand in Japan, founded by Be-s in 2014. It focuses on providing fun and producing space-saving or multifunctional products to help pets and their owners live together in one (=uni) habitat.

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