All-natural Raw and Gently Cooked Pet Foods

All-natural is a buzz word that floods the media when it comes to marketing food products. It’s now touching the pet food market.

Allprovide, a new line of all-natural raw and gently cooked pet foods and treats for dogs and cats, which was formulated in association with New Jersey veterinarian Judy Morgan, is now being distributed in pet stores across the East Coast, selected veterinary offices, and the company’s website.

Dr Judy Morgan dogs

Morgan, who operates two veterinary practices in New Jersey, is thrilled to provide the face and name associated with the new pet line. Morgan also serves as medical director for Monkey’s House Senior Hospice and Sanctuary, a N.J. charity supported by the Georgia-based pet food manufacturer.

Morgan says, “My focus on holistic therapies over the past 25 years has centered on the use of food to treat disease and maintain good health. Many of my patients are able to realize new levels of well-being with proper changes in diet. For years I searched for a pet food company that could provide the quality of food my patients needed. With no options that met my standards, my clients were often left with preparing their own meals for their pets.”

Morgan observes that she learned about Allprovide recently when a client asked her about the food. That call led Morgan to meet company management and tour its manufacturing facility in Norcross, Ga. Morgan was impressed with the very high quality of ingredients used and agreed to work together on product development.

She says, “I now confidently use Allprovide food for my patients. The complete diets are free from any synthetic ingredients and factory farmed meats. It’s exciting, knowing that these diets will be available to more pet owners looking for high quality food at an affordable price for their pets.”

About Allprovide

Allprovide pet food is all-natural, made of USDA select meats and Grade A poultry. The company blends these with fresh vegetables and natural ingredients to produce balanced, complete meals that meet AAFCO guidelines.

About Judy Morgan

Judy Morgan, DVM, CVA, CVCP, CVFT, is a nationally renowned author, speaker and holistic veterinarian. She operates two veterinary practices in New Jersey. In addition, she has written more than 100 published articles and three books on holistic pet care.

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