Overwhelmed by the Toy Aisle? Keep These Tips in Mind.

Choosing the right toy is almost as tough for some pet owners as it was choosing their furry friend. There are so many options to choose from for your dog or cat- how do you find the right one?

At Raleigh Pet Sitters, we want you and your pets to remain happy and healthy. Having the right toy is a step in the right direction.  There are a few things we think are important to consider as you’re choosing new toys. We hope these tips will make it less likely that your eyes glaze over at the sheer variety of toys available and instead that you feel empowered to find a toy that your pet loves.

Six Tips to Find the Right Toy for Your Pet

  1. Make Sure There’s Nothing to Choke On.

As you look at the toy aisle, examine each fabric toy (rope toys or plush for dogs, perhaps mice or plush toys for cats) to make sure that there’s nothing they could pull off and swallow. Dangling strings, tails that aren’t securely fastened to the mice, legs on dog toys that mighty easily tear off, these are all things that your pet could choke on. Also, choose a toy that doesn’t have sharp edges that could cut your pet.

  1. Keep Your Pet’s Personality In Mind.

If your pet likes to play alone, look for something that your pet can smack around. Some dogs enjoy throwing stuffed toys around and catching them, just like cats sometimes like to swat toys around and play alone.  As for playtime with others, look for strong toys that don’t separate with a little pulling.

  1. Consider Vinyl or Rubber Toys.

Although they tend to squeak, and may make you crazy, for a pet who likes to chew, these toys tend to entertain. These are toys that should only be used when you can supervise so that your dog doesn’t tear it up and accidentally swallow something.

  1. Choose Interactive Toys for Both Dogs and Cats.

Toys that require your pet to solve a puzzle or take any action to get a reward are popular. You’ll need to train your pet at first so that they understand how it works, but these are great for engaging their minds and alleviating boredom.

  1. Try a Scratching Post for a Cat.

If you have a cat, you’ve likely experienced their natural tendency to scratch. Adding a scratching post to their toy selection can save your furniture and self from scratches; it can also help to keep your pet healthier, as scratching helps cats shed their old nail material for new.

  1. Avoid Toys with Glued on Pieces.

To ensure that your pet doesn’t choke on parts of their toys, it’s best to avoid those that have glued on pieces (like eyes or whiskers) during play. Squiggly eyes are amusing for humans but are choking hazards for pets.

At Raleigh Pet Sitters, we love seeing your furry friend have fun, whether we’re taking your dog out for a mid-day walk, or coming in to ensure that your cat has adequate food, water and a clean litter box. Contact us today to learn about our services by filling out a Request Services form located at the top of our website. Or just click HERE.

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