A Pet Sitter Can Do So Much More than Feed Your Dog

For many people, a dog is like their child, and leaving them alone to go on a vacation or even a day trip can cause anxiety. If this sounds like you and your furry friend, Raleigh Pet Sitters has a solution: hire a professional pet sitter. Then you will not have to worry that your pup is lonely or bored while you’re gone!

Five Reasons You Should Hire a Pet Sitter

  1. Your Pet Won’t Be Alone. Dogs are social creatures. They need interaction and attention just like people do. Being alone in a home for long periods of time, whether in a kennel or not, can be incredibly boring.
  2. A Pet Sitter Can Keep Your Pet on His or Her Regular Schedule. Sometimes taking your pup to a kennel can result in changes to his or her schedule, because in a kennel or doggy daycare, there are often multiple dogs that clamor for an attendant’s attention. The one-on-one attention that your pet gets from a pet sitter ensures that your pup is fed on time and takes walks at the times that he or she is used to.
  3. You Won’t Have to Load and Transport Your Pet, Leaving Him or Her in an Unfamiliar Place. Some dogs don’t like to travel, and for those, getting into and out or the car can be a traumatizing experience that may only get worse when you leave them in a place they’re not used to.
  4. A Pet Sitter from Raleigh Pet Sitters Can Stay Overnight Without Inconvenience. Finding someone to watch a pet can feel like you’re asking a lot of friends or family members. This can be very true when you have a new pet you’ve never left alone before.
  5. A Pet Sitter Can Do Other Tasks to Take Care of Your Home, in Addition to Your Pet. At Raleigh Pet Sitters, our services include the little things that make your home look lived in – we’ll bring in your mail, keep the plants watered and turn lights off and on as requested.

At Raleigh Pet Sitters, we understand that life can’t always revolve around a pet’s needs and wants (no matter what they believe), but we can make your life easier. Our pet sitting services (and overnight care) include a bit of housekeeping and lots of attention for your furry friend.  

Contact us to schedule your pet sitting service today and give your dog something to bark about!

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