Professional Pet Sitter

Greetings! My name is Kelly. I hail from Ohio (by way of the DC Metro area), and now call Raleigh my home.

I’ve always loved animals, but my mom and sister were allergic to anything with fur! So I grew up with a gerbil, a parakeet, a turtle, and some fish. Since the moment I got my own place after college, I’ve been owned by a series of rescue cats. I tend to gravitate toward the senior cats and those that are harder to adopt. As a result, I find it easy to interact with even the most scared and shy cats.

I love dogs, and I love having a job that allows me to make so many new dog friends! Getting to know each dog’s personalities and quirks is one of my favorite parts about the job.

Our pets are family, and I always treat each pet with the care and attention I would give to my own. I can’t wait to meet yours!