Poof Launches The World’s Smallest, Most Comfortable Pet Activity Trackers

The Pea and the Bean track your pet’s daily activity, progress, rest, food intake and calories burned.

Poof, an innovative pet tech company out of Silicon Valley, announced today the availability of their new pet wearables, the Pea and the Bean.

With Poof, pet owners no longer need to wonder if their pets are sleeping well or getting enough exercise. Poof monitors your pet’s activity, rest, food intake and calories burned, 24/7. It even compares your pet to other pets using Poof. The devices were made with pets in mind – they are super light, comfortable and waterproof.

The Pea and the Bean are the smallest and most lightweight pet activity trackers on the market. The Pea weighs in at .25 oz. and is about the size of a quarter (1 inch). It utilizes a replaceable coin cell battery, which is able to provide a long battery life of six months – the longest battery life of any pet tracker available today. The Bean weighs in at just .12 ounce, and is about the size of a pill.  Its rechargeable battery lasts up to two months on a single charge, far surpassing the average tracker’s cycle of 7-10 days per charge.

“The advent of wearable technology has given us humans the ability to live healthier, more productive lives, so why not give those same technological benefits to our furry family members?” said Richard Xu, Head of Technology for Poof. “Pets can’t verbalize when they’re not feeling well or getting enough exercise. Now they have a voice.”

Both devices pair with the free Poof app (Android/iOS). The easy to use app displays the data that the device gathers, including daily activity, rest, food intake, and calories burned. Users can also share photos and comments via the pet-centric social network. Over time, the app tracks progress and trends in your pet’s exercise regimen and makes recommendations on food servings and activity for optimum health.

“We believe monitoring our pets’ activity, diet and sleep is a priority. With these new devices, we are fulfilling our goal of delivering best in class wearable technology for our pets,” Xu added.

Some of the perks that come with the Pea and the Bean include:

  • No monthly membership fee
  • Unlimited number of pets per user
  • Variety of wear options
  • Assorted colors
  • Pet-centric social network
  • Extensive pet food database
  • Local shelter list
  • Lost Pet poster generator

Poof customers have already found additional uses for the tracker. “My daughter is supposed to walk our boxer Baxter three days a week,” said Poof user Jessica Miller. “I started reviewing Baxter’s data in the Poof app and realized my daughter was only walking Baxter one day a week! Busted!”

Poof’s commitment to pets is deep. One hundred percent of proceeds from Poof products will go to GreaterGood.org, a national organization that works directly with animal welfare groups across the country to help place pets in their forever home. Poof trackers are now available to order at www.MyPoof.com. The Pea is available for $39.99 and the Bean is available for $49.99. Like Poof on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

About Poof
Poof makes the world’s smallest, lightest, and most affordable pet activity trackers on the market – The Pea and the Bean. These trackers give our pets a much-needed voice in communicating how they’re feeling. The Pea and the Bean are customizable to your pet, and allow you to monitor their physical activity, food intake, calories burned and sleep from a convenient and easy-to-use app. For more information, visit www.MyPoof.com.

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