How to Prepare for a Pet Sitter

Hiring the right pet sitter is important for anyone who adores their fur baby and is cautious about who comes into their home.  Attention to detail and pet care instructions, respectful care of your home, and utmost professionalism are a must!  Raleigh Pawz is honored to do just that and provide North Carolina the best and most professional pet sitting in the state.  But after hiring us, what do you need to do to prepare for our services?

Not only will our pet sitting professionals be caring for your four legged family member, but we’ll be doing our job in your home.  Here are some quick suggestions for how to make the interactions most comfortable for your pets and also give you a peace of mind.  

Schedule A Consult

Raleigh Pawz wants to ensure that we provide the best customized pet care service possible for your pets. During the consult, new clients will meet their professional pet sitter or dog walker and discuss their pet’s routine, feeding instructions, and any health concerns, behaviors or problems that we need to be aware of. We customize our service based on your pet’s needs. In addition, we’ll ask about basic home care instructions such as taking out the trash and recycling, rotating lights and blinds, and bringing in the mail.  A consult will allow Raleigh Pawz to become familiar with your pet and your home. 

Provide All Pet Necessities Before The Pet Sitter Arrives 

This includes the feeding and water bowl, an area where your pet sitter can play with your pet, any topical or oral medications, ensuring that dog walking accessories are easily accessible, and checking for easy access to the litter box  and litter box supplies, if applicable. Also, make sure that there’s adequate food and treats in stock for the pet sitters to give to your pets!

Ensure All Pet Care Instructions Are Up-to-Date In Your Client Portal

At Raleigh Pawz, it’s easy to keep your pet care instructions up to date.  Simply the information in our client portal and we’ll be sure to always have the most accurate information.  Don’t forget to include feeding instructions, medication instructions, specific health or behavior information, location of dog walking accessories, the favorite spot to go potty on walks or in the backyard, and the location of the litter box.

Outline Basic Home Care Instructions

Some things that are second nature to you in your own home might take a pet sitter by surprise.  Be sure to tell us  how to arm and disarm security system, the location of cleaning supplies, your preference for the thermostat, the ideal rotation for your lights and blinds, when to bring in the mail, when to take out trash and recycling, and parking instructions if applicable.

In Case of Emergency

Last but not least, be sure to provide contact information for your vet and emergency contact information.  While we never expect to have to use this information, we always want to be prepared just in case.  The safety and well-being of your fur baby is our top priority!

Enjoy Your Trip!

With the peace of mind of knowing you prepared for your pet sitter with instructions for how you want them to care for your pet and home, you can now get away with peace of mind and enjoy your trip! Happy travels!

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