Mid-Day Dog Walks

Let’s stretch our paws.

Mid-Day Dog Walks (11 am to 3 pm)

Mid-Day walks are a perfect break for your dog while you’re at work all day.  We don’t do pack walking so it’s just your dog(s) that we walk and spend quality time with. No longer do you need to worry about rushing home after work or during lunch to ensure your dog(s) get a much needed potty break, exercise, and attention. This service is ideal for business professionals who want peace of mind that their pets are well cared for despite their busy schedule. Mid-Day Dog Walks are one of our most popular services!

Each Visit Includes:

  • Own private, personalized walk. The pace and length are customized based on your dog’s individual needs.
  • Indoor playtime or playing fetch in your fenced in yard is also an option
  • We always pick up after your pet
  • Replenish water
  • Feed, if lunch time feeding is requested
  • Playtime, love, and attention
  • Brushing if requested
  • Give owner approved treats before we leave
  • Real-time visit notes delivered to you via email after each visit

Please complete the Request for Service – New Clients Only Form so that we can get in touch with you as soon as possible.

You are so good with him – and patient. We can’t thank you enough. You are his all time best dog walker – thank you again!

Cooper's Mom

YOU HAVE MY UNDYING APPRECIATION!! I got home later than expected and Sammy was so mellow and happy!!! THANK YOU!!! He was so much less anxious than usual. Why I didn’t do this sooner, I have no idea.

Sammy's Mom

So glad y’all enjoyed a nice long walk today. Getting your notes with their happy little faces is the highlight of my afternoon!! Thank you!

Teddy and Eleanor's Mom

I just want to say thank you for always being there to take care of my boys. Your pics during your visits are a highlight of my day. I’m truly blessed to have such a caring and trustworthy young lady to take care of my boys when I’m away from home.

Paddington and Oliver's Mom

How about an afternoon stroll?