Six Pet Behaviors Explained

If you’ve had a pet for any length of time, you’re no stranger to your dog or cat’s strange behaviors. It’s often amusing when the cat gets the minor crazies during the day. It’s funny when the dog hops around during play, or chases his tail so much he falls over. But, have you ever wondered why they do what they do?

At Raleigh Pawz, we’ve seen our share of silly animal behavior. While we’ve laughed too, we’ve also gotten curious about some of those behaviors, and we wanted to share what we’ve learned.

Why Does My Cat …

  • Head-butt me and others?  Depending on the force behind your cat’s actions, this can be a sweet greeting, but if Pouncer is a little off in his aim and packs enough energy, this can be uncomfortable. Animal experts say this is nothing to be worried about. It’s just a cat’s way of saying hello.  
  • Knead my skin? This massage technique feels great if your cat doesn’t have claws. Most cats reach out for a kneading session when they’re happy and relaxed. Some say this behavior starts when a kitten is young and wants milk from its mother.
  • Roll around? If your feline friend has a habit of flopping to the ground, rolling and meowing, it can be a bit disconcerting. There are several reasons for this behavior. The rolling spreads their scent, massages their bodies, and often elicits attention from the humans in the room.

Why does my dog…  

  • Chase his or her tail?  As entertaining as this can be for the humans, there could be a couple of reasons behind this behavior. It may just be a playful action, but it could also be a sign that there’s an issue with Fido’s hind end, or it could be anxiety-related.  
  • Jump on people?  It may seem like a greeting, but experts have a different interpretation when a dog jumps up on a person.  Trainers like Cesar Millian, say that this is more likely a way for a dog to assert dominance. Dogs can be trained not to jump though.
  • Eat grass? It’s not unusual for a dog to head outside and, as they search for the right spot to do their business, you will find that Fido has stopped sniffing and is now eating grass. There could be several reasons for this behavior: Boredom, stomach problems, or even that the dog likes the taste of the grass.

If you’re concerned about any of your pet’s behaviors and wonder if there could be a medical reason for the behavior, it’s best to talk to a veterinary professional.

At Raleigh Pawz, at some point, we’ve probably seen pets doing some (or all) of these things. If you’re looking for our professional staff to give your pets a little attention while you’re at work during the day, it’s easy to schedule a mid-day walk or one of our other services. Visit the Schedule Page to do so. 

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