Summer Dog Bathing Tips 

Keep your pets clean with these tips

The summer months are known to be warm. While humans can guard against some overheating with a haircut, or a dip in the pool, many house pets, like cats and some dogs, don’t benefit from or particularly enjoy those things. Keeping your pet groomed and clean will greatly increase their summer mood and keep them comfortable during these hot months in Raleigh. 

Summer dog bathing tips 

Consider giving your dog frequent baths in the summer months in order to keep your pet comfortable, clean, and healthy.

Grooming is more than just a haircut. Baths throughout the summer can keep your dog clean and less itchy. It can also keep them cool. Whether you choose to take advantage of a warm summer day to bathe your pet outside or corral him or her into your bathroom, there are a few things you can do to make the bath more efficient.

Give your dog’s coat a good brushing to remove shed hair before you get them into the bath. After they’ve been brushed and in the bathtub or the spot you’ll use for an outside bath, use a lukewarm water temp so you don’t dry out their skin too much. 

Complete an inspection of your pet’s fur to make sure all the suds have been rinsed out. Thick coats on a dog will require several rinses. If the coat feels shiny or slippery between your finger tips, more rinsing is required. Avoid getting the suds into the dogs eyes and always use a very mild shampoo. They are not use to harsh chemicals. It is extremely important that your dog does not lick any of the shampoo.

After the bath, it’s time to towel dry the dog, and again, to brush the coat out. The bathing dislodged more hair and you want to get rid of that – it’ll keep your dog more comfortable and hopefully scratching less. Remember dogs will shake water everywhere if you are not prepared. Avoid this by taking them outside in the warm sun to dry off and towel drying. You can additionally blow dry your pet’s fur on a very low and cool setting. 

If you pet has matted hair or tangles, you will need to take them to a professional groomer. It is also important to avoid over bathing your dog. Your veterinarian can answer any questions if you feel this is a concern.

At Raleigh Pet Sitters, we understand your desire to make sure your pet is comfortable. Whether we’re taking your dog out for a midday walk, or coming in to ensure that your cat has adequate food, water and a clean litter box, we want to ensure your furry friend is comfortable and happy. Contact us today to learn about our services by filling out a Request Services form at the top of our website. Or just click HERE.

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