The Cat’s Meow: 7 Homemade Treats Your Cat Will Adore

Everyone loves a special treat now and then. And your cats are no different. Treats that are homemade give your kitty the love they deserve, while also providing yummy morsels without lots of additives, and they are inexpensive too! You can use treats to reward your cat for good behavior and new skills, help keep her teeth clean, provide variety, bond with your cat and show your love and affection. Here are a few options for delicious treats that are just the cat’s meow:

  •      Cheesy Goodness: These cheesy, gooey treats from Cowboy Way combine two varieties of cheese, yogurt, flour, cornmeal and water into easy snacks your furry friend will love. They are firm on the outside, and chewy, gooey on the inside. For this delicious recipe, please check out their site
  •      Tuna Special: Combine canned tuna, an egg, flour, parsley and water in a bowl (or use a food processor to mix more quickly). To try your paw at this yummy treat and more, visit this page.
  •      Kitty Delights: These treats from Serendipity and Spice are like little thumbprint cookies for your kitties. They’re fast, easy and will make your cat come back for more. To learn how to surprise your kitty with this cookie, click here.
  •   Chewy Bars: You might find variations of this delectable chewy treat recipe from Joy the Baker all over the Internet. This tried and true recipe uses baby food or canned wet cat food as a base and includes parsley, rice, and flour. If you are wanting to make these cat snacks, visit her site here.
  •      Fish and Coconut Croutons: Your cat will go crazy for these crispy, crunchy croutons from The Cookie Rookie. You’ll rest easy knowing you can keep these little homemade treats in the fridge for about a week, and your cat will be happy too! For the recipe to these cat creations, check out this link.
  •   Tuna Hearts: Make these heart-shaped treats from Pawesomecats for Valentine’s Day or anytime you want to share the love with your furry friend. Roll the dough into balls, flatten slightly and press a heart-shaped stencil in the center of each treat. From their heart straight to your kitty’s stomach. You can find the recipe for these treats here.
  •      Three Ingredient Salmon Cat Treats: Three Ingredient Salmon Cat Treats from the Cookie Rookie are an easy way to “spoil” your kitty without feeling guilty! Check out the recipe for this creative treat here.

As you can see, there are quite a few choices you can make when deciding on a yummy treat for your kitty friend. Your cat will be overjoyed when they find any one of these creations in front of them. Try it! They’ll like it! 

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