The Dog Walk: What Do Your Mid-Day Walks Entail?

Picture this. You are stuck at the office during lunch and can’t get home, or you are at an evening social event that you just can’t break away from to get home and walk your dog. You panic and start to feel guilty that you can’t be there to take your fur baby on a walk.

This is where we step in, to make sure your pet gets their exercise. Here is what we have to offer and we promise you won’t get the short end of the leash!

  1. There Is No Time Limit On Our Visits: Many other dog walking companies charge for timed visits. At Raleigh Pawz, we would rather focus on giving your pet the quality love and attention he/she deserves, rather than watch the clock. We offer one flat rate. There will be NO ADDITIONAL charges for extra time, services, multiple pets, or sending visit notes. We customize all visits to meet your pet’s needs.
  2. We Are Insured and Bonded! Also, all of our staff are certified in Pet First Aid and CPR: Your paws will be safe in our pawz at all times. We are professionals who know and want nothing but the best for your best friend. You can spend your afternoon or evening worry-free when you allow us the honor of sharing a stroll with your pet.
  3. We Are Perfect For Busy Professionals: While you are on the go, we will help your pet to go. Don’t fret or become a nervous wreck wondering if your pet will be able to hold it until you get home. We take care of all that for you. We understand that life can get hectic and that unexpected situations pop up. Helping you is what we are here for, and we are more than happy to give you and your pet relief.
  4. We Love Your Animals: We know that one thing you as a pet owner want for your beloved animal is to know that he or she is receiving much-needed love and attention when you are unable to be there. Hey! We love giving it to them! Just like humans, animals deserve to be appreciated and nurtured. We absolutely don’t mind stepping in to help out.

At the end of the day, we are always there for you and for your furry friends. When you leave for work in the morning, relax and know that no matter what the day throws at you, you always have us to throw a ball with your pet. Sit, stay and shake off your worries. That is what we are here for.

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