3 Tips for Acclimating Your New Cat To Your Household

Bringing a new cat or kitten home can be a wonderful experience, but it might take a little more time for them to get used to you than vice versa. This is because while a loving cat is part of your life, you will be all of theirs.

For this reason, helping them acclimate to your household and family is a good priority to have. Here’s how to pursue it properly:

  1. Give your cat a few places to hide.

Cats enjoy their privacy from time to time. Giving your cat a few places to hide, such as a climbing tree with a small shelter, a calming bed to sleep on, or even a blanketed cardboard box can be used as a temporary means for them to hide and recharge their confidence.

  1. Give them routine and dominion over a small space.

A ‘cat room’ is a great way to provide a space they can feel comfortable in, and can be kitten-proofed as necessary (such as by blocking plug sockets and using blinds instead of curtains to climb on). Allowing them to access their litter box, food and water in the same places each day will also help them relax into a routine they can recognize. Additionally, features like a scratching post and toys can help them relax and feel more ownership in your home.

  1. Use a pet sit-in service.

Cats can experience anxiety if you’re not home, especially if you need to go out of town for a little while. Using a Raleigh Pawz Pet Sitter can help them gain regular, caring human contact as well as having their essential needs attended to during this time. This can help reduce any sense of separation anxiety and allows you to exercise forethought in your cat care.

With this advice, we hope you can acclimate a new cat to your household so that they settle in the space over time.

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