Back to School and Fall Routines – How to Help Your Pet Adjust

 It’s that time of year again. You’ve bought all the school supplies and clothes. Your child gets back on the bus for an exciting first day of school. You head off to work.

But back at home, Fido puts his head down sadly between his paws. For his playmate has gone back to school and he finds himself suddenly alone. All day. If one could hear his thoughts, they would probably say, “Where did everybody go?”

School, work, and other obligations that take us away from our beloved pets are unavoidable. So what can we do to make this time of year less stressful for our pets?  Here are some suggestions to help with the transition back into the fall and school routines.

Get Fido slowly used to the idea of the new routines

Ease Fido into your new routine so that it is much easier on his psyche than going cold turkey. Make a big production of coming home, making it clear that you’re happy to see him. It will begin to become routine and he’ll know you and your family will always return.

Give Fido a special treat when you come home

This shows Fido that you are important to him and gives him something to look forward to while he awaits your return. A treat could be doggie ice cream, a trip to the dog park, or a car ride. Even better, make it a special treat that he’ll only get after you’ve been gone.

Turn on some soothing music or keep the TV on at low volume

Pets are comforted by the sound of the human voice. Though Fido would prefer it were your voice, human sounds will help keep him company and make him feel less alone. Soothing music, such as new age or light classical, is another option to soothe frayed pet nerves.

Give your pet something to explore

Leave scented items around for your furry pal to investigate, or give him a puzzle or a new toy. Hide treats around the house for him to find. Bird feeders are also good for hours of entertainment. The more your pal is focused on something else, the less he’s focused on his loneliness.

Take Fido for a long walk in the morning

If Fido’s tuckered out, he will likely sleep some of the time you are away. And studies have shown that exercise reduces stress. A tired, well-exercised pup is a less-stressed pup.

Hire a professional Raleigh Pawz Dog Walker for Fido

Schedule a Raleigh Pawz dog walker so that Fido can get some exercise, a potty break, and much needed TLC. Raleigh Pawz clients can easily schedule a walk for Fido in our Client Portal.  With our services, you can be assured that getting back into your fall routines will be much easier!

Make sure you and your child set aside quality time to play with Fido when you return

With all the excitement of the beginning of the school year, it might be easy for your child to forget to set aside some quality time with your pet. You and your family have been out in the world all day, while Fido has been wistfully waiting for you to come home. So don’t just toss the ball a couple times and then ignore him. Encourage your child to really play and connect, letting your furry friend know without a doubt that everyone missed him, too.

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