WATERHOUSE & DODD announces a major exhibition of sculptures and drawings by SOPHIE RYDER: “RISING”

Waterhouse & Dodd, the international dealership with galleries in London and New York, is pleased to announce U.S. representation of Sophie Ryder and her upcoming solo exhibition, “Rising” at their Madison Avenue gallery.

Ryder’s work has long been a feature of the British cultural landscape, seen most recently in a magnificent sell-out exhibition at Salisbury Cathedral, which featured a number of her monumental sculptures. Over the last 20 years she has also established an enviable reputation in America, where many clients have acquired both her large outdoor sculptures and smaller works.

The show in New York will be her first exhibition in the U.S. for 10 years. It will be followed by a major three-month show with 8 monumental sculptures and related smaller works at the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden in January 2017.

Waterhouse and Dodd - Lovers on Horseback

“Lovers on Horseback” by Sophie Ryder 2013 Bronze 23 x 23 x 8 inches Edition of 9 (PRNewsFoto/Waterhouse & Dodd)

Sophie’s work is instantly recognizable. She has built a personal repertoire of mythological figures and motifs. Tender and self-aware, her hybrid creatures encapsulate mythology’s significance: steeped in cultural symbolism, they nevertheless resonate on an immediate and human level. Two of her most enduring figures, the hare and the Minotaur, are rich in art historical metaphors. The playful hare has long been used as a symbol of fertility and regeneration. Its femininity is often juxtaposed with the masculinity of the Minotaur and a brooding sexual tension exists between the two when paired together.

Ryder’s profound love of animals is emphasized in her depictions of horses and dogs, constant companions in her life as well as her sculpture. Occasionally one discovers found objects, such as children’s toys, embedded in the cast bronzes, which add an autobiographical note and a further layer of narrative depth.

The exhibition will feature small tabletop works priced at under $10,000 as well as larger works.

“We have long admired Sophie’s stunning and beautiful sculptures, both large and small, serious and playful, and are proud for Waterhouse & Dodd to present them in various exhibitions over the coming months.” – Ray Waterhouse

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