What Happens After You’ve Hired a Pet Sitter?

You’ve hired a pet sitter from Raleigh Pawz to take care of your fur baby (a wise choice!), but you are now wondering, what’s next?  Here is the blog post you’ll want to read!

Having a new pet sitter can be uncomfortable since you are not only trusting someone to care for your beloved pet, but you are also trusting them in your home. At Raleigh Pawz, we want to be sure that you and your pet are completely comfortable with us!

A very basic description of a pet sitter’s job is something to the effect of: “making sure that the client’s pet(s) remains healthy, is fed and cleaned, and gets attention when the client cannot be in residence.” However, for the dedicated Raleigh Pawz team, we believe our job, and our commitment to you and your pet(s) is MUCH more than that. And, is more customized since each pet and each client’s situation is different. That is why our visits are customized to match your pet’s needs and preferences, and your needs and preferences.

Are You a Dog Parent?

For clients where the Raleigh Pawz team is caring for your dog(s), each visit includes a walk or ample fenced-in backyard time (depending on your preferences and our prior conversations). We ensure that each pet receives lots of love, attention, and TLC. The Raleigh Pawz team takes the time to play and have fun with your pet so that they can use their energy that has built up during the day. We don’t rush your pets. We also will refresh water dishes, feed as requested (and previously agreed upon), and administer oral medications (as needed).

Are You a Cat Parent?

During each visit, the Raleigh Pawz team will feed your cat, refresh the water dishes, and clean up the litter box. In addition to cleaning the inside of the litter box, our team will also clean around the box as well (nobody wants to step on kitty litter in their bare feet or socks). Once these are completed, we will play with your cat(s) and give them some extra attention and loving (if they like that type of care).

Each team member doesn’t just enjoy spending time with your pets, they dote on your pets (in fact in their opinions it is the best part of their jobs).

We appreciate the trust you place in our team allowing us in your home, and we want you to know that when you arrive back home, your house will be just the way you left it. We also help with some basic home care tasks if you are traveling – we can take out the trash (or bring the cans back in), bring in any packages and mail that arrives, and help water your plants.

We know you are busy, so let the Raleigh Pawz team help lower your pet-related stress and give you peace of mind. Our dedicated staff is here to help you make sure your fur-babies are loved, cared for, and quite frankly, doted on, while you are at work, traveling, or otherwise occupied. Feel free to take a look at our scheduling page and book your preferred appointment time!

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