Winter Dog Grooming Tips

Whether you like to head out into the cold and rain and enjoy winter walks in Raleigh with your dog, or spend more time indoors cozying up to the fire, keeping your dog well-groomed during the winter is just as important as any other time of the year. Depending on the breed of your dog and their coat, some dogs are more susceptible to getting matted or tangled, or skin irritations from the colder temperatures and moisture from the rain and snow. 

Here are three top tips to help you with winter grooming. 


Make sure you keep your bathing routine in line with the amount of activity that you do. If you like to go out for long walks in the rain and snow, and your dog gets muddy, regularly bathing them is important to reduce the risk of growing bacteria and skin irritations. If you venture out of the house less often in the winter, regular bathing is still important to keep the condition of your pet’s coat in good nick. 

Work the shampoo deep into their coat and use slightly warmer water. Dry your pets off with a towel or a special dog dryer, and keep them out of the cold until they are fully dry.

Cleaning paws 

Cleaning your pet’s paws in the winter is vital because as the paths and roads get slippery from the rain and snow, salt and other agents are typically spread, which can irritate your dog’s paws. It is therefore important to wash down your dog’s paws after your winter walks with warm water, ensuring that you get deep in between their pads, their nails and at least half way up their legs. 


Brushing your dog’s coat at least twice per week can significantly reduce the risk of your dog’s coat getting tangled or matted. When a dog’s coat is not brushed, it can be uncomfortable, interfere with their body temperature regulation, get bacteria stuck inside, and irritate their skin. Use a conditioner if extra assistance is required. 

When grooming your dog, it is crucial that you understand your dog’s breed and what is best for them in the different seasons. You should stay on top of your winter dog grooming practices during the winter, and if needed, enlist the help of an in-house groomer for the best results. 

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