You’ve Scheduled a Consult With Us: What Happens Next?

Everyone who leaves a pet with someone new wants to know that their beloved friend is in good hands and will be well-cared for. At Raleigh Pawz, we get it. Animals you bring into your home are more than just animals or pets. They’re family.

For both your pets and our Raleigh pet sitters, it’s of the utmost importance for your pet and your pet sitter to be comfortable with each other. That’s part of why we offer free consults for new clients as part of our on-boarding process. We want everyone to be comfortable and feel safe.

But, this consult is more than just our pet sitter bonding with Fido or Fifi and giving lots of attention. It’s also a chance for your pet sitter to learn about your pet’s needs, likes and dislikes.

What Happens During This Consult?

A good portion of this short visit will be dedicated to questions and answers, from us to you and vice versa. During the meet and greet consultation, we encourage clients and pet sitters to get to know each other, and to ask questions.

We’ll want to discuss several different areas:

  •       Set up and Routine: Our services are customized to meet your pet’s needs so we’ll want to learn all about their routine and set up. We’ll want to see where your pet’s food and dishes are kept; we’ll want to confirm how much you feed your pet and how often. We’ll also want to know where leashes, pet waste bags, toys, and cleaning supplies are kept. For cat owners, we’ll want to know where the litter box and cleaning supplies are kept, as well as where toys are kept and if they enjoy interaction. We’ll also want to discuss any house rules. Are your pets allowed on the furniture, etc.?
  •       Dog Walking: We want you to tell us about your dog’s walking routine. Do they do well on walks? Are they aggressive towards other dogs? What is their favorite walking route? Also, we’ll want to know what commands your pet knows and easily responds to and which he or she does not know.
  •       Access:  We’ll also use this consult to ensure that we can access your home when it is time for the scheduled visits. This means getting two copies of your house key so that we can get in without issues. If you have an alarm system, this is when we’ll want to learn your system, particularly how to arm and disarm when needed.

At Raleigh Pawz, providing you with peace of mind and making sure your pets are healthy and happy is our business.  Raleigh Pawz prides itself in making scheduling service with us simple and easy!  To get started with us, simply Create an Account

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