Consultation Visit

  • The consult is an opportunity to meet you and your pet(s) to ensure that our services are a good fit, answer questions, and to learn all about their routine(s). You will tell us about your pet(s) and we will listen to what you want done.
  • Raleigh Pawz offers FREE consultations if you schedule pet sitting service dates at the time of the consult. If you don’t schedule pet sitting service at the time of the consult or cancel the service that you had scheduled, we charge a $25 consult fee. Or, if you are interviewing pet sitting companies and don’t wish to book service at the time of the consult, there is a $25 fee.
  • You will meet with your primary pet sitter/dog walker during the consultation. Your primary pet sitter/dog walker will typically remain consistent. Please note, as an insured and bonded company, we work as a team and all of our staff are professional and skilled. If your primary sitter/dog walker isn’t available, one of our other staff will care for your pets. Since you’ll complete your Client Portal and update it as needed prior to service, they’ll have all of the directions to care for your pet and home as instructed. If you would like to schedule a consult with the other professional staff member performing your service, a $25 fee is required in order to compensate them for their time. Get to know our wonderful staff.
  • Please note, if you have already had one (1) FREE initial consultation and you move or welcome another pet into your home, there is a $25 fee for your pet sitter to meet at your home to see the new routine/set-up.


Payment is due one day after the last day of scheduled service. For our dog walking clients, payment is due each Friday. Invoice is subject to a $15 late fee for every 10 days the invoice is overdue.


  • Dog Walks – For our daily dog walking clients, please notify us by 9 a.m. if you need a walk removed from our schedule. You will not be charged as long as you cancel by 9 a.m. on the day of service.
  • Vacations – Due to the heavy volume of vacation pet sitting requests and that we’re holding room in your pet sitter’s schedule, once service begins, payment will be due for the dates that you have scheduled with us. We ask that if you need to cancel before service begins, 24 hours notice is required. Cancellations made after 7 am on the day of scheduled service or series of services will be charged at 50% of the complete service.

House Keys

Our key tags are labeled with your pet’s name and never your house address. We require two (2) copies of your house keys given at the consult. If you do not have two copies, another copy can be created for a $15 charge. If you have a keyless entry, we require at least one copy of your key for vacation bookings in case of a power outage or failed battery. If you choose to not keep keys on file with us, they can be returned to you for a $10 delivery fee.

Last Minute Requests

  • For our dog walking clients, please notify us by 9 a.m. if you need a walk added to our schedule for that day.
  • To ensure that we’re able to accommodate your pet sitting request when you have a trip planned to be out of town, please request service at least 24 hours in advance of when you’ll need service to begin. Any vacation pet sitting multiple visit requests booked within 24 hours of the service start date will incur a $25 surcharge. Any single visit requests booked within 24 hours of service start date will incur a $10 surcharge. Raleigh Pawz accepts jobs on a first come, first served basis and does not overbook. We do our best to accommodate last minute requests, but it is based on pet sitter availability.

Minimum Visit

We visit our dog clients at least every 12 hours (AM and PM), but it is strongly encouraged to book 3 visits per day so that they have a mid-day potty break as well. For crated dogs and dogs under one year old, we require at least 3 visits per day. While cats are in our care, we require at least one visit every 24 hours while you’re out of town. Our minimum visit requirements are to ensure that your babies are healthy and happy while you’re out of town.

Service Request

Clients must book their requested visits via their Client Portal. This is the fastest way to be added to our schedule. When booking, we ask you to review and make any necessary updates to the PETS and MY INFO sections. Our staff rely on this information to provide the best care possible for your pet(s). 

Visit Time Blocks

Due to traffic and that we’re caring for live animals, all of our scheduled visits are scheduled in time blocks for morning, mid-day, late afternoon, and evening.

Leash Walks

To ensure the safety of your dog and our walker, we avoid other dogs while walking and we do not walk dogs off-leash.

The above information is also included in our Service Agreement, which you can review when you access your Client Portal.