Hot Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Summer is just around the corner and things are already heating up. Raleigh Pawz knows you want to get outside with your best bud and enjoy the sunshine — but it’s also important to be well informed and know when enough is enough.

Hot Weather Safety Tips

Here are some hot weather tips to keep your furry friend happy and safe!

Just a Few Minutes in a Car Can Be Deadly

It’s tempting to crack the windows and run into the store to pick up a last-minute item. But even with the windows cracked, temps on an 80-degree day can soar to 102 degrees in just 10 minutes, according to ASPCA’s website. On a hot day, it’s safer to leave Fido at home.

Check the Water Bowl

It’s crucial to ensure Fido has access to plenty of clean water at all times when hot weather hits. Hotter weather increases the likelihood of dehydration if your pet doesn’t get enough H2O. For a super-refreshing drink, add a few ice cubes to your dog’s water bowl. He’ll be extra chill.

Never Let Fido Swim Alone

A common misconception is that all dogs are good swimmers. And Fido may try to drink the pool water, which will make him sick. So if you can’t monitor your pet at all times, make sure the area is inaccessible.

Take Time for a Nice Sponge Bath

Run a sponge or washcloth under cold water and treat Fido to a nice cool down. Run the sponge or cloth over his body, paying extra attention to the ears and neck. Or turn on the hose and make cooling off a game!

Throw Fido Some Shade

If your yard doesn’t have adequate shade, you’ll need to create it. Set up a tent or doghouse where Fido can escape the sun’s relentless rays.

Keep Up with Medications

Make sure your pet has taken his preventative medication for fleas, ticks, and heartworm. It could save his life!

Stay Alert for Signs of Overheating

Changes such as excessive panting and salivation, dry gums, or nausea could be signs of heatstroke. Get your pet out of the heat immediately and immerse him in cold water to bring down his temperature. Call your vet for further instructions.

Give Fido a Cool Treat

Nothing’s better on a hot summer day than ice cream — and your furry friend couldn’t agree more! Give Fido a scoop of doggie ice cream from one of these pet friendly locations and he’ll be your bestest friend forever.

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