What Does My Pet Sitter Do While I’m on Vacation?

You’re excited to go on your upcoming vacation. But you are also worried about your furry friend you have to leave behind. Raleigh Pawz knows the trust you are placing in us to keep your best bud not just fed, watered, and walked while you are away, but also feeling happy, safe, and secure.

Many are the sad stories of pets suffering neglect by those whom their pet moms and dads mistakenly thought they could trust. That’s why it’s important to select a service you know won’t let you down. Raleigh Pawz was voted Best Pet Sitting Service of the Triangle in 2015 and 2017 AND a finalist for Indy Best of the Triangle 2016! Our clients have all kinds of nice things to say, too.

While You’re Away

So just what do our pet sitters do while you’re away? More than you probably thought. Do you need services on a holiday? We’ll do that. Didn’t get all the necessary supplies before you left? We can take care of that too!

Don’t be surprised when you find the trash has “taken itself out” and the fern you forgot to water before you left is not sad and wilted upon your return but green, vibrant, and healthy. Taking care of trash, watering plants, and other household chores are all part of what makes Raleigh Pawz stand a few whiskers above the rest.

Our Pet Sitting Services

While many pet sitting services may charge extra for holidays, multiple pets and services such as administering medication or cleaning litter boxes, not Raleigh Pawz. We view these “extras” as essentials to excellent pet care. And our pet sitters will be in contact with you via email after every visit to give you an update on how Fido or Fluffy are doing. They’ll be sure to keep to your pet’s normal feeding and walking routines to help reduce any stress Fido or Fluffy maybe feeling while you are away. We make sure your pet gets all the TLC he or she deserves — and you can bet that TLC includes snuggles, treats, playtime, and lots and lots of belly rubs, if your pet wants them.

Respect for Your Pet and Your Home

Our pet sitters respect your home and clean up all pet accidents and leave everything shipshape. They’ll also bring in the mail and follow lighting schedules to give the appearance that someone is home.

For a complete list of our services, please click here.

Raleigh Pawz Pet Sitting

To our employees, it’s not just a job, but a mission. We select only those who truly love pets and care about their happiness and wellbeing. And it shows.

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