#Purrsil Campaign Lends a Helping Paw to Cats in Need

Persil® ProClean®, Henkel North America’s newest premium laundry detergent brand renowned for its exceptional stain-fighting, whitening and freshness, is shaking up the historically-predictable laundry category with the release of their new #Purrsil Digital and Social Media campaign, celebrating the most discerning critics of clean laundry: cats.

The campaign is fuelled by a simple idea: cats and laundry are a purrfect match. While it is no surprise that cats are flooding the internet – running circles around other furry friends – there’s just something about fresh laundry that felines can’t resist.

Seizing on pop culture’s love of cats, Persil unveils a loveable mockumentary created by TBWA\Chiat\Day, a Henkel global partner, starring curious kittens and sophisti-cats. Kicking off the #Purrsil campaign, the video imagines that Persil ProClean could be the premium detergent choice of cats, the connoisseurs of clean.  At the same time, the video introduces a call-to-action for consumers to join in Persil’s new charitable initiative to help fellow feline friends.

Persil ProClean is supporting several animal shelters across the country to help cats in need. Consumers can simply purchase any bottle of Persil and log on to PersilDonates.com to register a barcode as a proof of purchase. For every bottle of Persil detergent registered, Persil will donate a bottle of laundry detergent (up to 100,000 wash loads of laundry) so these rescue cats can enjoy clean, fresh bedding.

“Our goal was to create an attention-grabbing digital activation that encourages viral sharing among consumers while giving back to our furry friends in need,” says Janell Holas, Vice President of Marketing for the U.S. Premium Laundry Detergents business unit at Henkel North America. “One of the most-searched keywords on the internet is ‘cats,’ with videos receiving more views-per-video than any other pet category on YouTube.  When you pair that with their innate propensity to nuzzle up in fresh laundry, and the play on our brand name, Persil, this was a no brainer.”

Persil ProClean is a powerful laundry detergent delivering a premium clean to those with the highest standards of cleanliness. While globally-renowned for over a century, the Persil brand has only been available to U.S. consumers since 2015 and in its first year of launch was rated the #1 laundry detergent in the U.S. by a leading consumer testing publication. The Persil ProClean brand portfolio, consisting of Power-Liquid®, Power-Pearls® and Power-Caps®, can be found in stores nationwide. To learn more go to PersilDonates.com. 

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