Are Cats Color Blind?

A deeper understanding of your cat’s perception of the world will go a long way to helping you provide the best possible care. “Are cats color blind?” is one of the most common questions that pet owners ask. 

Here at Raleigh Pawz, our passionate experts are committed to supporting pet owners like you. Here’s all you need to know about your cat’s vision.

Are cats color blind?

The reason why you may have received conflicting news on this subject is that even the scientists aren’t entirely certain what colors cats can see. What is known, however, is that they only see through blue and green cones whereas humans additionally see in red. 

As such, rather than viewing the world in monochrome, it is likely that cats see the world in a similar way to a color blind person. This is characterized as muted blues, yellows, greens, and greys. Reds are likely to be seen as a shade of green while purples appear as a shade of blue.

So, do cats have poor eyesight?

While cats may be a little confused by certain colors, their eyesight is very strong compared to other animals. In many ways, their eyesight is even stronger than ours. Their eyes deliver more light to the retina, which allows them to see in the dark, while they also have a great perception of depth. 

You can support your cat’s vision and general health further by implementing a healthy diet and playing games that get your cat to use their eyes. To find out more, get in touch with Raleigh Pawz today.

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