What Do Dogs See?

If you’re a pet owner wondering “what do dogs see?”, you are not alone. It is one of the most commonly asked questions by loving dog owners. Here’s all you need to know.

What do dogs see?

Most pet owners understand that dogs see the world differently from humans, but may not understand why. It is ultimately attributed to the fact that their eyes have a different structure from ours. Like humans, their retinas contain rods and cones. Unlike humans, though, dogs have rod-dominated retinas. This gives them far stronger night vision and motion visibility than us.

However, they only have about 10% of the cones that humans do. The impact of this is that they do not perceive color as well as humans. Contrary to what many people believe, though, dogs do not see the world in monochrome. They can see blue-violet and yellow and distinguish between different grey – although reds and greens are not picked up.

Dogs also see in 20-75 vision. This means that when they are standing 20 feet away from an item, they will see what a human (with 20-20 vision) sees from 75 feet. It should be noted that some breeds, like labradors, boast eyesight levels that are closer to a human’s. This is why they are commonly used as guide dogs

How do dogs cope with this?

While dogs may not perceive color as well as humans, they are very good at using other factors like brightness and position to interact with their surroundings. Likewise, smell and touch play important roles in their exploration.
With this in mind, supporting your pup’s overall health with a good diet and healthy lifestyle is pivotal. To find out more about suitable foods and other ways to support your dog’s vision, contact Raleigh Pawz team today.

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